My Bad Season 5 Episode 1 Recap

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The season five premiere begins right where we left off last time. Dexter is in the front yard, holding a crying Harrison, as police arrive. Rita has been found murdered and Dexter is in shock. Deb also arrives to the scene and Dexter shockingly tells her, “Rita’s inside. It was me."

Masuka and Quinn investigate the murder scene and Masuka assumes it's the work of the Trinity Killer. Quinn isn't so sure about that. He points out that Trinity never killed a married woman in a bathtub before. “First time for everything,” says Masuka. Quinn's suspicions about who killed Rita soon turn to Dexter after he sees a neighbor taking the murder harder than Dexter himself.

Dexter's 911 call also raises eyebrows after Quinn listens to it. Dexter is very clinical about what happened, telling the 911 operator what kind of incision was used to murder Rita. As Quinn says, “His wife just died; he’s submitting a lab report." Quinn learns something else about the neighbor who was upset. He was seen kissing Rita once, which caused Dexter to punch him out. Quinn is trying to piece all this together, but LaGuerta reminds everyone that the FBI is now handling the case.

Deb, on the other hand, remains supportive of her brother, even if she is puzzled by his strange confession in the front yard -- one he later doesn't even remember making. She is helping out as much as possible with Harrison and the funeral arrangements while Dexter deals with the guilt of Rita's death. Cody and Astor are the last to find out what happened, as they have been at Disneyland with their grandparents.

When the children do learn about what happened, they understandably don't take if very well, which worsens Dexter's condition. He feels intense guilt for not being able to protect Rita. Astor screams at him, saying, “We all would have been better off if she’d never met you." The two stepchildren then leave to stay in a hotel room with their grandparents.

Dexter then tells Deb to be a force of good in Harrison's life and take care of him like her own since his mother is now gone. Deb tries to remind Dexter that he is also a good person, but he says he's not. Later, when visiting Rita at the funeral home, he finally comes clean with her. While looking at her in her casket, he says, “I was never really honest with you. I’m a serial killer; that’s what I am. I led you to believe I’m a human being, but I’m not. That’s a lie.” He then touches her hand and walks away.

Although he told Deb he doesn't deserve to be at Rita's funeral, Dexter does return for the funeral and gives a very touching eulogy. He ends it with the words, “She died a brutal death, and I can’t fix it. But, I know I have to try, here in Miami with the people who knew her ... who cared about her ... who loved her.” And then to himself, he says, "Like I did."

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