Victim of Dexter - Zoey Kruger

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Episode:"Dex Takes a Holiday"

Victim name: Zoey Kruger

Age/Occupation: Police Officer

Where/how Dexter stalks victim: He investigates her past during an open house she was holding to sell her house. He finds a piece of the glove she used to shoot herself and plant blood evidence at her husband and child's murder. She caught on to his investigation and tried to turn the tables on him by threatening him. Dexter then purposely agitated her by pressing forward with his investigation, until she breaks into his house, where th ey struggle breaking his "Dad mug". He sudues her and takes her to her house.

Why victim deserves it: She faked a home invasion so that she could kill her husband and daughter; she framed drug dealer, Darius Rey, who later died under fishy circumstances.

Victim's victims: Husband, Daughter. Suspected in drug dealer-Darius Rey

Dexter's kill methods and rituals: He wraps Zoey's late daughter's bedroom in plastic. Has a baby mobile hanging with her victims pictures. Plastic wraps her to the bed. Takes his blood slide and stabs her in the abdomen.

Victim's last words: "You will choose your life over theirs"

Dexter's last words to victim: "I don't want to lose them.. i don't.. thats the difference between us!"

Location of killing: Zoey's late daughter's bedroom

Close calls/slip-ups: Officer Kruger had a friend in the clerk's office notify her that someone had requested her case file. When she discovers that it is Dexter, she tails him in traffic and pulls him over to warn him to back off.

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