Victim of Dexter - Jorge Castillo

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Episode:"Love American Style"

Victim name: Jorge Castillo

Age/Occupation: "Coyote" (human trafficker/extortionist) and junkyard owner

Where/how Dexter stalks victim:Dexter spies on Jorge's house from his boat and snoops around Jorge's junkyard.

Why victim deserves it:He is a human trafficker who kills any of the individuals who cannot pay for their freedom by drowning them in his boat.

Victim's victims: Would-be Cuban immigrants

Dexter's kill methods and rituals:Saran wrap, power tools cotton in the mouth, garbage bags. Breaks from his routine to ask them how they make their relationship work when they're killers, just like him.

Victim's last words: "We share the same dream. That's it"

Dexter's last words to victim: "That's helpful. Thank you."

Location of killing: An RV in Jorge's junkyard.

Close calls/slip-ups:
Decides to kill Jorge's wife at the last minute. Dexter does not have time to dismember her body as a result. A witness hidden in the trunk of a car who was able to see him, which begins a police investigation into Jorge being a coyote and where the Castillo's ran off to, but in the end the witness identifies the man he saw as Jesus.

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