Victim of Dexter - Fred Bowman aka "Freebo"

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Episode:Finding Freebo
Victim name: Fred Bowman aka "Freebo"

Age/Occupation: Drug Dealer

Where/how Dexter stalks victim: Starts at Freebo's house where he ends up killing Oscar Prado . Seaching for clues to his where-abouts he goes to Teagan's (Freebo's recently found dead girlfriend) house. He finds him there, but has know kill tools. He goes home gets them and sneaks up on him and strangles him with a belt.

Why victim deserves it: Killed two co-ed girls in the everglades and got off on a state police screw-up. Also, he would rat Dexter out as Oscar Prado 's real killer if the police found him first.

Victim's victims:Two co-ed girls. Suspected in his girlfriend Teagan's murder.

Dexter's kill methods and rituals: Freebo is plastic wrapped to a ladder wapped in plastic. Dexter takes his blood slide, then (using the same knife that Oscar Prado tried to kill Freebo with first and that Dexter killed Oscar with) he stabs him in the neck

Victim's last words: no..last Sunday no...I was getting high with Sherry..or Carrie shes ah.. shes ah hell of a f...

Dexter's last words to victim: You seem uncertain. It's uncomfortable isn't it. Just when you think you've answered all the questions another one smacks you in the face..Life, Life, Life. Life is just like that! Which is why I prefer death.

Location of killing: In Teagan's detached garage

Close calls/slip-ups: Miguel Prado catches Dexter off-guard right after Dexter kills Freebo. Dexter intercepts Prado outside before he could see the kill room and convinces Prado that he only killed Freebo in self-defense. Prado seems very grateful to Dexter since he was there to kill Freebo himself and wasn't sure if he could go through with it. This seems to be a big bonding moment for them.

Season 3
Fred Bowman aka Freebo was a drug dealer, who had killed two college girls but got off due to a bad warrant. Dexter arrived at his house, claiming that he wants to purchase some drugs, but actually he wanted to get the insight of Freebo's home. Later that night, when Dexter came to kill him Freebo was fighting a man named Oscar Prado and managed to escape from both Dexter and Oscar. Police believed that Freebo had killed Oscar, while Dexter had actually killed him and became the prime target of policemen throughout the city. At first it was believed that Freebo had left town, his girlfriend Teegan was found dead, which made Dexter think that Freebo is still in town. Police had no idea that the dead girl was Freebo's girlfriend until Debra found out from a Freebo's associate pimp named Javier Garza, that the dead girl was actually linked to Freebo.Meanwhile Freebo was hiding at his girlfriends house, where Dexter found him, chocked him with garrote wire, took him to a garage, where he set him vertically up on a picnic table in plastic wrap. Dexter cut his cheek, collected blood sample from him, and confronted him about Teagan and other two girls, that he had killed. Freebo, claimed that he didn't kill Teagan, but Dexter didn't believe him and stabed him in the neck with same knife that Oscar had attacked Freebo and was killed by Dexter. A Later it was revealed that Freebo actually didn't kill Teagan, because Javier Garza was found killed in similar way. The real killer was a man named George Washington King, who had had dealings with Freebo and who had lent Freebo some money, which Freebo didn't return and killed people close to Freebo, because Freebo had disrespected him.

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