Victim of Dexter - Alex Timmons

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Episode: "Return to Sender"

Victim name: Alex Timmons

Age/Occupation: Mid 30's, unknown

Where/how Dexter stalks victim:

Why victim deserves it: He's a sniper

Victim's victims:

Dexter's kill methods and rituals: Same as always.

Victim's last words: "Yes, I did it. Is that what you want to hear?"

Dexter's last words to victim:

Location of killing:

Close calls/slip-ups:

Before Season 1
Alex Timmons was a sniper who was killed by Dexter some time before events which took place on Season 1.

When the Ice Truck Killer had brought back from ocean Valerie Castillo, Dexter's last victim, a police investigation was started and Dexter decided to eliminate any evidence that might implicate him. Dexter threw all of his killing tools in ocean and was about to do the same to his blood slides. Before doing this he went through his blood slides and remembered some of his victims. Alex was first victim that Dexter remembered. Like most of Dexter's victims Alex was wrapped in plastic wrap. Before his death Alex admitted that he had done the crimes, which brought him there.

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