Victim of Dexter - George King aka The Skinner

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Episode: "Do You Take Dexter Morgan"

Victim name: George King

Age/Occupation: Tree Trimmer/ The Skinner

Where/how Dexter stalks victim: He doesn't. George King " The Skinner " walks up behind Dexter and knocks him over the head, taking him hostage.

Why victim deserves it: Skinned and killed Teagan (Freebo's Girlfriend), Javier (a pimp connected to Freebo), and Wendell Owens (Freebo's doorman). Kidnapped and assulted Anton. Tried to skin and kill Dexter.

Victim's victims: Killed Teagan, Javier, and Wendell Owens. Assulted Anton and Dexter.

Dexter's kill methods and rituals: The tables are turned and Dexter is tied to a table. While George is going to retrieve his knife to skin and kill Dexter, Dexter flips the table on it's side breaking his hand and setting him free. Dexter is able to subdue George and breaks his neck just as the police are entering the factory. At the perfect time Dexter throws George off the edge and right under the arriving police car. This skins his face (how apropos) and breaks his neck- or so the police think.

Victim's last words: " Let's hope your this talkative once I get my tools"

Dexter's last words to victim: "Miguel Prado tell you that, he wanted me dead so he used you. He played on your obsession...Probably wasn't too hard, Ha ha ha, you are a little single minded."

Location of killing: Old abandoned cigar factory, George's hideout.

Close calls/slip-ups: The police show up to arrest George, but Dexter had just finished killing him. Dexter throws George's body over a railing, causing a squad car to hit it. Dexter escapes from the factory undetected and the police believe it was the impact of their car on the Skinner that broke his neck.

Season 3
George Washington King real name Jorge Orozco, was a man from Nicaragua who was conscripted into his country's army. Jorge rose the rank of Captain in the Resistencia Nicaraguense Army; heading an interrogation unit. Jorge tortured and killed people for a living, to the point he was affectionatly referred to in his homeland as "The Blade". His time in the army left him with a deep need for respect.

Jorge left the army and moved to the United States and settled in Miami; founding and becoming boss of his own tree-trimming company. Jorge was driven to become a serial killer; named " The Skinner " (for cutting cutting off portions of skin from his victim's bodies after, or in some cases before, killing them) when one of his criminal associates; Freebo, disappeared while owing him a large amount of money (in reality he was killed by Dexter). Feeling he had been disrespected; Jorge decided to hunt him down and make him pay for his affront. Monitoring the investigation carefully, Jorge trailed Debra Morgan around town as she met with Freebo's old associates in an attempt to find him, covertly watching their homes under the cover of trimming their trees, and eventually kidnaps, tortures and kills them one-by-one.

When Jorge was first suspected, he was held for questioning, but deflected attention to one of his violent employees; though suspicion centred on him entirely when the employee had a near-panic attack when he learned Jorge was involved. Jorge was ultimately exposed when he kidnapped and tortured Anton Briggs, a former-confidential informant the police had set up to appear to know where Freebo was, but was stopped from finishing him off and forced to flee when Debra and Joey Quinn arrived at their location. Jorge was then contacted by Miguel Prado, who had let him go. Jorge was watching Dexter and Miguel having an argument, after which Miguel called him and told him that Dexter knew where Freebo was. The man-hunt continued, escalating when Dexter framed Jorge for ADA Miguel Prado's death (in reality by his own hands), but Dexter was ultimately captured and abducted by Jorge. Jorge intended to torture and skin Dexter for information; but instead Dexter effectively strips him of his control (by revealing the truth that Freebo was long dead), and quickly breaks free and engages in a brutal fist-fight with Jorge until Dexter snaps Jorge's neck; killing him. The police arrived, having tracked down Jorge's hideout, but Dexter is able to avoid detection by dropping Jorge's body just as a police car hit him, making it look as if the collision caused the death. Getting hit by the car skinned his face; Debra jokes that "what goes around comes around".

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