Victim of Dexter - Benito "Benny" Gomez

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Episode: "Living the Dream"

Victim name: Benito "Benny" Gomez

Age/Occupation: Retired Boxer

Where/how Dexter stalks victim: Following Quinn's case notes Dexter goes to Tito's bar (a hang out of Benny's) and falls asleep, waking up to a cop. So instead he knocks on Benny's trailer door and injects him before he can react.

Why victim deserves it:He bludgeoned a man to death in front of his son. Beat his girlfriend to death.

Victim's victims: His girlfriend. A father of two.

Dexter's kill methods and rituals: Completely covered the boxing ring in his usual plastic with a table in the middle. Benny is plastic wrapped to the table and Dexter is jealous he gets to sleep. Dexter smells a smelling salt to wake himself up and does a little boxing dance. Takes his blood slide and Rita interrupts with a phone call so Dexter kills Benny quick.

Victim's last words:" I know you"

Dexter's last words to victim: "I'm the blood guy" & " You've made alot of people very miserable-including me"

Location of killing: Del Rubios-A broken down abandoned boxing arena.

Close calls/slip-ups: Because Rita calls Dexter, asking him to go to a pharmacy, Dexter kills Benny hastily and hides the body. When Dexter crashes his car due to sleep deprivation, he forgets where the body parts are hidden. He remembers that they are hidden in a punching bag hoisted up to the ceiling when he sees blood dripping onto the boxing arena.

Season 4
Benito Gomez was a former boxer who beat up couple of people to death, to the point of disfiguration. He became Dexter's first victim in Season 4.

Gomez was arrested by Joey Quinn and was being prosecuted. However a fatigued Dexter brought wrong evidence to the court and Gomez was released, which caused Quinn to get very upset with Dexter. Gomez was later caught by Dexter when he was at home and killed in an abandoned boxing ring.

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