Victim of Dexter - Valerie Castillo

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Episode: "Love American Style"

Victim name: Valerie Castillo

Age/Occupation: Early 30's, presumably none other than helping her husband.

Where/how Dexter stalks victim: Dexter sees Valerie while spying on her husband at their palacial home, but takes her for an innocent. He realizes this is not the case when she comes to look for Jorge at his junkyard.

Why victim deserves it:Aids her husband in promising would-be Cuban immigrants legalization then extorting them for their freedom and killing them

Victim's victims: Would-be Cuban immigrants

Dexter's kill methods and rituals: Saran wrap, power tools cotton in the mouth, garbage bags. Breaks from his routine to ask them how they make their relationship work when they're killers, just like him.

Victim's last words: "We share the same dream. That's it"

Dexter's last words to victim: "That's helpful. Thank you."

Location of killing: An RV in Jorge's junkyard

Close calls/slip-ups:
Decides to kill Valerie at the last minute. Dexter does not have time to dismember her body as a result.A witness hidden in the trunk of a car who was able to see him, which begins a police investigation into Jorge being a Coyote and where the Castillo's ran off to, but in the end identifies the man he saw as Jesus.

Season 1
Valerie Castillo togegther with her husband Jorge transported illegal immigrants from Cuba. If an immigrant couldn't pay them, he or she was locked up in Jorge's auto yard, taken out on Jorge's boat and drowned. Valerie was fist seen at Jorge's house, when Dexter was stalking him, but Dexter considered that she didn't know about her husband's activities. Later, when Dexter goes to Jorge's auto yard and sedates him Valerie comes looking for him and Dexter realises that she is involved in killing innocent Cuban immigants too and decides to kill her. He takes Valerie to trailer, where he was holding her husband, wrapped her body to a table and put cotton in her mouth. When Dexter asks them how they make their relationship work when they're killers, just like him Calerie and Jorge tells them them that they had the same dream. After that Dexter puts cotton in their mouths and kills them. Dexter doesn't dismember her body and simply throws it in the ocean. The Ice truck killer, who has been stalking Dexter, dives after her body and places it back in the trailer, where Dexter had killed her. Next day in the morning Dexter and his co-workers find her body, which leads to Debra coming up with theory about a copycat killer and Masuka finding out that she was drugged, which almost leads Dexter to be caught. Later the Ice truck killer brakes into Dexter's apartment and draws a smiley face on Valerie's slide. When Dexter goes through some of his blood slides he notices this and understands that the Ice truck killer is actually testing him. Dexter then falsifies evidence, which leads investigators to believe that Valerie was actually killed by her husband Jorge.

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