Victim of Dexter - Dr. Emmett Meridian

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Episode: "Shrink Wrap"

Victim Name: Dr. Emmett Meridian

Age/Occupation: Psychotherapist

Where/how Dexter stalks victim: Goes to therapy to talk about his "friend's" suicide under the alias "Sean". Ends up making a major psychological breakthrough with Dr. Meridian, which allows him to let his guard down and finally have sex with Rita. He even manages a major catharsis by confessing that he's a serial killer to Meridian before killing him.

Why victim deserves it: He gets female clients addicted to anti-depressants. When their prescriptions run out, he refuses to renew them and instead affirms that their suicidal thoughts are valid, even suggesting that "the brave ones do it with a gun." Three of his high-profile female clients have killed themselves because of his brainwashing.

Dexter's kill methods and rituals: Rubber sheets, surgical saw, shrink wrap, duct tape.

Victim's last words: None. Blamed the killings on "mother issues"

Dexter's last words to victim: "I'm sorry Doc. Actions have consequences and this is yours. I'm going to have to let you go."

Location of killing: Dr. Meridian's office

Close calls/slip-ups: Dexter was careful with this one.

Season 1
Meridian was a psychiatrist who manipulated powerful women into shooting themselves. He first came to Dexter's attention when his third victim, Vanessa Gayle, was found dead in her bathtub after shooting herself. When Dexter looked into the backgrounds of the victims, he found that they all had regular therapy sessions for stress and/or depression with Meridian. Scheduling an appointment with him under the name Sean Ellis, Dexter investigated whether the suicides were deliberate or simply the result of sloppy work. During the second meeting, he noticed a small camera videotaping Meridian's sessions. After breaking into the office at night, Dexter erased his own files and looked at the sessions with the three suicide victims and found that Meridian denied them medication and filled their heads with noble thoughts of suicide, even recommending the use of firearms. Even though he had enough proof, Dexter still postponed Meridian's murder in order to have another session with him to discuss his inability to be intimate with Rita. After a relaxation exercise during which Dexter's subconscious memories of his mother's death came up, Dexter left and spent the night with her. The next session, Dexter confronted Meridian about his indirect murders before choking him unconscious and preparing his regular "kill room". When Meridian woke up, Dexter presented a theory that he targeted powerful women because he enjoyed removing their power and thanked him for his psychiatric help before killing him.

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  1. why did dexter kill all of those people