Victim of Dexter - Jose Garza, aka Christopher Harlow

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Episode: "There's something about Harry"

Victim name: Jose Garza, aka Christopher Harlow

Age/Occupation: Drug Dealer

Where/how Dexter stalks victim: Text message from Jiminez's cellphone. He texts Jose as Jiminez, telling him to meet him outside his bar.

Why victim deserves it: He's a drug trafficker and murderer on the run from the FBI connected to Jimenez.

Victim's victims: Unknown.

Dexter's kill methods and rituals: Plastic sheeting. Small Hand saw. Dexter does not wake for him to regain consciousness.

Victim's last words: None - he was never brought back to consciousness as Doakes was present.

Dexter's last words to victim: Unknown.

Location of killing: Jiminez's Cabin in the Everglades.

Close calls/slip-ups: Doakes was present at time of killing.

Season 2
Jose Garza aka Christopher Harlow was a drug trafficker and murderer on the run from the FBI. Garza purchased cocaine from Santos Jimenez, but didn't get it, because Santos Jimenez was killed by Dexter. Jose Garza came looking for him, sent various text messages to Jimenez's phone. Garza had no idea that he was really talking to Dexter and also didn't have knowledge about Jimenez's cabin in Everglades at first, but he found it out and threatened to go there. Dexter, who had locked Doakes in there decided to meet Garza at Jimenez bar, kill him and make it look like Doakes had killed him. After Dexter had somehow knocked Garza out, presumably with tranquilizer he took him to Jimenez's cabin, wrapped his body with plastic sheets and despite Doakes, who tried to talk Dexter to give up and hand Garza over police, killed him with small hand saw without taking blood sample from him or waiting for him to regain consciousness and dismembers his body . After Lila blows up the cabin, Garza's brutally dismembered body is found alongside Doakes', which the task force considers conclusive evidence that Doakes was the Bay Harbor Butcher.

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