Victim of Dexter - Jonathan Farrow

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Episode: "Slack Tide" Jonathan Farrow

Victim name: Jonathan Farrow

Age/Occupation: Photographer

Where/how Dexter stalks victim: He goes to Farrow's photography studio and finds a trail of blood with luminal that leads to a chipped finger nail. The fingernail belongs to an arm found in a gators stomach. He goes to a club Farrow visits and was going to capture him there, but runs into Quinn (who was following him) so he aborts. Attempt two- he goes to his house and waits for him there while he is suppose to be camping with Cody.

Why victim deserves it: Dexter suspected him of killing at least three of his models that he photographed

Victim's victims: None

Dexter's kill methods and rituals: Dexter uses Farrow's camera flashes to draw him in, sneaks up behind him, and chokes him with a wire. He covers his photography studio in plastic and has his victim's pictures (or so he thought) flashing on the wall. Farrow is plastic wrapped to a lighted table and Dexter takes his blood slide. He uses a butcher knife to chop off his head.

Victim's last words: “Because of my pictures, those women will live on forever!

Dexter's last words to victim: "Nothing last forever"

Location of killing: Farrow's photo studio in his house

Close calls/slip-ups: Quinn was following Dexter and saw him stalking Farrow. When Farrow turns up missing Quinn may suspect him. At the end of the episode Dexter finds out that Farrow was innocent and his assistant was the killer.

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  1. i really love Dexter! in my opinion,"Slack Tide" was one of the best episodes ever!