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THE ICE TRUCK KILLER (scroll down to see Victim's of the Ice Truck Killer )
Name: Brian Moser
(Fake name was Rudy Cooper)

Alias(es): Rudy Cooper

Doctor specializing in prosthetic limbs

Laura Moser (mother), Dexter Morgan (brother), Joseph Driscoll (father)

He loved his brother

He loves menthol cough drops and has an obsession with artificial limbs.

He is really Dexter's biological brother. He was with Dexter in the shipping container and watched his mother's murder. Brian was put into a mental institution for children.

Fate: Dexter hands him upside down and slashes his throat leaving him to bleed out. Dexter leaves the body for the police to find, and they rule his death a suicide based on the angle of the cut on his throat.

He killed because he saw his mother butchered with a chainsaw.

Methods: He kills the person, then carefully disects them into equal sections after draining all of the blood from their body.
Pre/post kill rituals:

Childhood trauma: Witnessed his mother being butchered by a chainsaw.

Psychological disorders: Sociopath

Victim's of the Ice Truck Killer
Ice Truck Killer 's kill method/rituals: Hooker found in a drained pool at the Seven Seas Motel. Cut up at the joints and drained of all blood. Parts of the body are wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine. Head was there.

Ice Truck Killer 's kill method/rituals: Hooker found laid out like the first- cut up into pieces, drained of blood, on one leg the flesh was complete flayed off and the head was missing. Cuts were different in some places rough then a little better, and then clean. Parts were wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine. Head was missing. Her head was later thrown at Dexter from a refrigerated truck.

Name: Sherry Taylor (Cherry) Ice Truck Killer 's kill method/rituals: Hooker, Sherry Taylor (Cherry), found in the goal of the Miami Blades ice rink. No blood and no hesitation cuts. All parts wrapped, except the head, and finger tips are missing. He’s escalading the thrill by placing her in the ice rink.

Name: Tony Tucci
Ice Truck Killer 's kill method/rituals:A man’s (Tony Tucci) hand propped on a lounge chair at Petrie (formally Ran Beach) beach. There is blood, cut was delicate and surgical. There is a pail with shovel that has a postcard like picture of the scene in it. It’s set up like a scene from a family trip that Dexter took when he was a kid.
His foot was found on a park bench next to a soccer ball. There is blood and the cuts are sergical. Also a scene from Dexter’s childhood.
An ankle to knee was found at Mc Cavery Pumpkin Patch. No infection where the foot was cut off so he had to have been given antibiotics. It’s also set up like a scene from Dexter's chilhood.
Tucci was found alive and taken care of at the abandoned Angel of Mercy hospital in the basement. The scene was taken from a picture in Dexters photo album.
Clues/messages left for Dexter: At each of Tony's crime scenes the Ice Truck Killer left a photo which was like a photo from Dexter's photo album. On the back of Dexter's Angel of Mercy hospital photo there was a smiley face drawn in ink.

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