Victim of Dexter - Lila West aka Lila Tournay

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Episode: Lila West aka Lila Tournay"The British Invasion"

Victim name: Lila West aka Lila Tourney

Age/Occupation: Artist

Where/how Dexter stalks victim: Follows Lila to Paris, France

Why victim deserves it: Arsonist, kills people who don't bend to her will. Killed Doakes and attempted to kill Dexter and Rita's children.

Victim's victims:Sgt. Doakes, Former Boyfriend

Dexter's kill methods and rituals: Single stab through the heart with a knife, then sealed in a body bag. Dexter paralyzes her with a spinal epidural instead of a tranquilizer so that her death will be painless.

Victim's last words: "Don't do this."

Dexter's last words to victim:"You taught me to accept what I am and to trust in the one thing I know with absolute clarity. Thank you."

Location of killing:Lila's apartment in Paris

Close calls/slip-ups:Initially, Dexter tried to kill Lila in the U.S. at her loft, but Debra showed up nearly getting Dexter's needle instead. After Lila shows up, she relizes Dexter's plans and procures his killing tools as well leaving Dexter vunerable. Lila, however, unknowingly botches her attempt to kill Dexter and flees to Paris. In Paris, Lila's body seems to be left in a bodybag by Dexter but we don't know exactly what he did after.

Season 2
Lila is a former addict who meets Dexter at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in "An Inconvenient Lie" and becomes his sponsor. She works as an artist, often using stolen items in her work.

Dexter has an affair with Lila, leading to his breakup with Rita Bennett.

Although it is never mentioned, it can be deduced that she is from England, possibly London. This is clear from her accent, the threat of deportation from Debra (meaning she is from another country outside the USA) and the fact that she mentions in That Night a Forest Grew that 'Everybody walks in London... of course they're usually walking to the pub!'. All these signs (including the mention of a 'pub' instead of a bar) point her heritage to England.

Lila sets her own loft on fire and helps Santos Jimenez attack Dexter, believing that she and Dexter are closest in times of crisis. She also breaks into Rita's house, afraid that Dexter might have gotten back together with her, and Dexter immediately ends their relationship.

In retaliation, she has rough sex with Angel Batista and then accuses him of rape; She had taken Rohypnol immediately after sex so it would look like he had drugged her. Enraged, Debra runs a background check and discovers Lila's real surname (West) and the fact that she has been illegally living in the United States on an expired visa. Debra then confronts her and demands that she leave the country or be deported. Lila, following Dexter and watching him on his boat with Rita, Astor and Cody, breaks into his van, takes his GPS device and finds the address for Jimenez's cabin. Arriving at the cabin, she finds Doakes caged inside and, upon learning from him that Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher, decides to protect Dexter and ignites propane canisters inside the cabin, killing Doakes.

Later, she abducts Astor and Cody. Although Dexter tracks them down, Lila traps them inside her loft and sets it ablaze. Dexter and the kids narrowly escape, and Lila flees Miami. While living in Paris, Lila checks her mail and discovers a postcard from Miami with Doakes' picture on the back. Dexter, who was in the room the entire time, injects Lila with a spinal epidural (so he can speak his piece to her while also ensuring that her death is painless) and lays her down on the couch. Lila pleads for her life and tells him that she killed Doakes and tried to get rid of the children for Dexter's sake. Dexter thanks her for helping him embrace what he is, and then stabs her through the heart. He wraps her corpse in a plastic garment bag.

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  1. Anonymous10:58:00 PM

    There is no way he could have given her a spinal epidural in one shot like that. Maybe a spinal alone if he got REEEEaly lucky.