Victim of Dexter - Nathan Marten

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Episode:"The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

Victim name: Nathan Marten

Age/Occupation: Photographer and Convicted sexual predator/offender

Where/how Dexter stalks victim: At the beach with Rita and the kids Astor spots Nathan taking pictures of the children. The next day Dexter finds Nathan by a children's play area and confronts him. That night Dexter goes to Nathan's house and looks through his windows.

Why victim deserves it: He's a convicted sex offender and is ready to strike again. Although he never killed anybody, and he hasn't committed any crimes that he hasn't already paid for in prison, Dexter kills him because he feels that this man threatens "his children" (a first for Dexter).

Victim's victims: none

Dexter's kill methods and rituals: Dexter breaks into Nathan's house and see him looking at pictures on his computer of Cody and Astor at the beach. He gets really upset and strangles him (not Dexter's usual way-not even a blood slide) While dragging him out he remembers he needs milk for the children and takes it from Nathan's fridge.

Victim's last words: "ugh............."

Dexter's last words to victim: His thoughts "but maybe there is another code a code that says you've stepped uninvited into my world..and that's a place where I decide who gets to live and who doesn't" To Nathan- "I am not like you"

Location of killing: Nathan's house

Close calls/slip-ups: none

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