Victim of Dexter - Santos Jiminez

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Episode: "Morning Comes"

Victim name:Santos Jiminez

Age/Occupation: Old/bartender

Where/how Dexter stalks victim: Outside of the victim's bar, to an isolated cabin in the woods

Why victim deserves it: He killed Dexter's mother in front of Dexter and his brother.

Victim's victims: Dexter's mother. Plus probably a lot more as he worked for the mob.

Dexter's kill methods and rituals: Injected him with etorphine, collected the usual blood sample, saran wrapped him to the table, right before killing him he duct taped his mouth shut, used a chainsaw to represent the way his mother was killed.

Victim's last words: "I'll f******* kill you."

Dexter's last words to victim: "It's kinda fitting don't you think?" Referring to the chainsaw in his hand (Jiminez killed his mother with a chainsaw).

Location of killing: An isolated cabin in the Everglades.

Close calls/slip-ups: Dexter had to leave the body without disposing of it to respond to Rita's phone call and to confront Lila. Dexter was not wearing any gloves when he was looking through Jiminez's wallet, and he answered his phone with blood on his hands. Later, when Dexter tried to dispose of the body, he is caught by Doakes.

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