Victim of Dexter - Ethan Turner

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Episode: "Turning Biminese"

Victim name: Ethan Turner

Age/Occupation: I'd say "black widow"

Where/how Dexter stalks victim: Goes to a beach Ethan's cruise was going to leave and watches him. Dexter goes on the cruise ship, finds Ethan's room and sneaks up on him with his trusty needle.

Why victim deserves it: Killed his first wife by drug overdose. Uses her money to hire a dream team of lawyers that get him off. Killed his second wife on a cruise ship and the FBI decides not to prosecute.

Victim's victims: His first and second wealthy wifes

Dexter's kill methods and rituals: Dexter covers Ethan's room on the cruise ship with plastic. Wraps Ethan in plastic and lays him on the floor. Dexter takes his blood slide and since he is not wrapped to anything Dexter has to use his knees to keep him down. He stabs him in the chest cuts him up, wraps in in garbage bags and disposes of him out the porthole in Ethan's room.

Victim's last words: "Hey..ugh-"

Dexter's last words to victim: "I've been going through some changes myself lately. I'm getting married and I have a baby on the way...ME. Even though my life may never be the same I want to thank you for reminding me how important it is to take time for oneself. Savor these moments alone."

Location of killing: In Ethan's room on the cruise ship.

Close calls/slip-ups: Dexter "took care" of Ethan just one day after Miguel shared with him the frustration he felt over letting this guy get away. Once Miguel got the news that Ethan went missing, he immediately sensed Dexter was responsible (especially since the Coast Guard couldn't find Dex where he said he'd be). In a way, Miguel had set this up, and Dexter came through for him to finish a job he couldn't legally do himself. Dexter's overzealousness could not be hidden from Miguel.

Season 3
Ethan Turner had killed at least 2 of his wives and took their money and assets. Miguel Prado mentions him in a conversation with Dexter. According to Miguel , he got away with his first wife's murder by staging it as an overdose of pain meds. Then recently, he got rid of his second wife while on a cruise in International waters where Miguel has no jurisdiction. Dexter decides to investigate him.He first checks Ethan out at a resort/hobby store and makes casual conversation with him. Once he discovers that Ethan is headed on a cruise to Bimini, Bahamas, Dexter follows him onto the ship. Once onboard, he creeps up on Ethan after he gets out of the shower in his room. Dexter then kills him and disposes of him within one hour. Ethan is later declared missing, when he is not found on the ship.

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