Victim of Dexter - Oscar Prado

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Episode:Our Father
Struggle with Prado

Victim name: Oscar Prado
Age/Occupation:Coach at a youth club

Where/how Dexter stalks victim: He was stalking Freebo(intended victim) at his house

Why victim deserves it: That's the thing--he wasn't Dexter's intended victim and Dexter is unsure if he deserved it.

Victim's victims: ???

Dexter's kill methods and rituals: After a struggle, Dexter stabs Oscar in the chest.

Victim's last words: "Who are you?"

Dexter's last words to victim: "Who are you?"

Location of killing: Freebo's living room

Close calls/slip-ups: Dexter is intent upon killing Freebo, but walks in on a struggle taking place between Freebo and an unidentified, armed man. Freebo escapes and Dexter is left to fight off a man he assumes to be a drug dealer. In self-defense, Dexter kills the man with the knife meant for Freebo. To his horror, Dexter is left standing over his latest victim, unsure if the kill was justified under "Harry's Code". In the struggle, Dexter accidentally loses a crown filling at the scene. He must show up and find it before other investigators on the scene. Later, Dexter checks on Oscar Prado 's record at the police station. He is caught and questioned on it by ADA Miguel Prado.

Season 3
Oscar Prado is younger brother of ADA Miguel Prado and sheriff Ramon Prado, a drug user and one of the few victims that Dexter killed while not following the Code of Harry.

Oscar is first seen at home of a drug dealer Freebo, who is Dexter's selected victim ,struggling with Freebo. Freebo manages to escape and Oscar begans to fight with Dexter, who stabs him in self-defense with Oscar's knife..Oscar's body is seen the next day at the crime scene, where his brothers Ramon and Miguel are also present, as well as at his funeral which Dexter attends, because Miguel had invited him.

First it is believed that Oscar died doing his duty, but Debra managed to learn from a police informant Anton that Oscar was actually a drug user and in Freebo's debt.

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