Norberto Cervantes

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Norberto Cervantes was a professional hitman and assassin working for Carlos Guerrero. Norberto was dispatched to kill Officer Ricky Simmons when Carlos discovered that he was an undercover cop trying to infiltrate his organization, and Norberto did so by throwing him off a freeway overpass, but not before Ricky bites and takes a chunk of flesh out of Norberto's arm. Norberto then checked Ricky's phone, and discovered he had been in constant contact with his wife, Kara, and to prevent information leaking to the police, Norberto went to the Simmons residence, and shot Kara in the back and departed, but not before his bleeding arm left a drop of blood at the scene. When Kara succumbed to her injuries in hospital, her secret lover, Doakes, was driven to investigate harder and soon discovered the DNA trail and arrested Norberto. LaGuerta offered Norberto a more lenient sentence in exchange for providing enough evidence to bring down Guerrero, and he seriously considered this, but somehow Guerrero knew, and arranged for another one of his assassins, disguised as a prison guard, to bring Norberto to the prison's showers, where he stabs Norberto to death.

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