Victim of Dexter - Ken Olsen

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Episode: "Dex, Lies and Videotape"

Victim name: Ken Olsen.

Age/Occupation: ?, unemployed.

Where/how Dexter stalks victim: He was a suspect in a assault on John Henry.

Why victim deserves it: He attempted to kill a burglar who hurt his mother, which Dexter was willing to tolerate. However, he also killed people who didn't deserve to die, and to satisfy is own urges. He was also trying to be like the Bay Harbor Butcher.

Victim's victims: A drug dealer and the husband of a woman he was sleeping with. He also attempts and fails to kill a robber who severely injured his mother.

Dexter's kill methods and rituals: Same as the rest. Dexter, who is "recovering" from his murderous urges, does not take a blood sample from Olsen.

Victim's last words: "I knew you weren't going to kill me." Quite ironic.

Dexter's last words to victim: "It's very empowering."

Location of killing: A train car Ken had tried to kill John Henry in.

Close calls/slip-ups: It wasn't a slip up but Dexter left the body, in pieces, in a garbage bag for the police to find. He did this as an example for the other people who try to take the law into their own hands. He also left it at a recent crime scene he had worked a day or two before, which was smart it a way, because any foot prints or evidence of him found could be attributed to his working of the earlier crime scene.

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