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"Born in blood, both of us." - Dexter on his and the Trinity Killer's creation of their "dark passengers"

Dexter and the Trinity Killer aren't the only ones on the show who have been paying back their anger for the pain the world has dealt them. The audience is in on the same game.

We've been sitting through weeks of boring and dry subplots about secret affairs and office romances that we couldn't care less about if we were actually one of their co-workers. But now we've been rewarded for our patience with some seedy and very interesting details about Dexter's main prey, the Trinity Killer, a man held in a very weak cage of despair and anger.

I've raved before about John Lithgow's portrayal of this very cold and calculating man, but this episode really helped him shine, both as the character and the actor. Lithgow has one of the most varied acting careers in any medium, but he really gets the opportunity to show that range in his run on Dexter. And it's more than just being a ruthless killer to a family man with something to hide. Now that he's opened up to Dexter, er, Kyle, he can take his character to all sorts of interesting places, and he does so successfully. It's never over the top or too laid back. It's just about perfect. Something tells me he's not only giving Dexter some lessons to learn, but Michael C. Hall, as well.

The writing seems to be getting a little better as a new angle (no forensics pun intended, this isn't an episode of CSI) on Debra's shooting. Shooting Frank and Debra never seemed to be Trinity's style both before and after we learned the killer's true identity. It's a great and interesting twist on a story that seem doomed to fall apart without much to direct it. And we finally get to see Debra in her bra for the first time since the first season. Heinz was right, good things do come to those who wait.

Even Quinn's relationship with Christine the reporter has gotten better with age. It's finally starting to diverge with the plotlines we actually care about and could be setting itself up for an interesting showdown if the previews of next week's episode are any valid indication. Too bad it didn't feature one of Batista and Laguerta breaking up for good, or it would have me biting nails for all seven days leading up to the episode instead of six.

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